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Overzee – Modern organic Thai

Oct 7th, 2016 | By: Emma Bocket

The restaurant Overzee is located at one of the cosiest squares in Antwerp: Dageraad. The square is lit by a net of 300 lightbulbs overhead. Unique, and so beautiful.

But back to the restaurant. Overzee is a breath of fresh air in the Asian kitchen. The restaurant is decorated by funny colorful posters, a good distraction if your date goes to the bathroom.

If I go, I treat myself and my friends to a Thai tapas diner: order many dishes (order them all, they are so good!). They come sequential, so start your tasting, your sharing, your discussions about the odor and taste and spices/ingredients used… Because sharing food is a nice and friendly experience.

Personal tip: try the ‘MIANG KAM’, those are leaves that you fill with 6 ingredients, an explosion in your month.

If you can, make a reservation. After your dinner, head back down and drink a beer in Zeezicht (check the Zeezicht article).